1997 Wayside/Cuneiform Records

1. Service With A Smile (Riddle/Hawks)
2. Starborne (Watkins)
3. Open Book (Wyatt)
4. Hidden Moods (Watkins)
5. Morning Sun (Watkins)
6. I Forgot To Push It (Watkins)
7. Ibby It Is (Wyatt)
8. Nossuri (The Moon, I Sing) (Watkins)
9. I Carve The Chariot on the Carousel* (Wyatt)
10. Steaming Pipes* (Whitaker)
11. Knee Bitten Nymphs In Limbo* (Whitaker)
12. Mr. Mirror's Reflections on Dreams* (Watkins)

Stanley Whitaker: Guitars, Vocals
Frank Nakahara-Wyatt: Keyboards, Sax
Rick Kennell: Bass
Kit Watkins: Keyboards, Flute
Coco Roussel: drums, percussion

The live CD was recorded July 1, 1978 at The Cellar Door and October 8, 1978 at Louie's Rock City (*) by Skip Pizzi.

Road Crew: Kenny Bailey - road and stage manager, Wayne Garber - sound engineer, Steve Meeks - lighting and equipment manager, Ace Pace - sound system engineer.

Cover design by Kit Watkins, rear photo by Linda Kalloch with inside photos by Geri Pizzi.