THANKS: First of all, to the extraordinary “Happy the Man” Family – to the cast, the crew, our families, and to all of our devoted friends, fans and followers. You have been so amazing over the years. What can we say? Without you we simply wouldn’t and couldn’t exist. You are our support system and the fuel that fires our inspiration. We thank you a gazillion times over, for always inspiring us to push harder and dream deeper.

THE CAST: Special thanks to the musicians who have made it through the “Happy the Man” System, and survived the long drives, the impossible chops, the incredible hours, the bad jokes, the strong coffee, the petty disagreements, and the outrageous demands; yet we all somehow marvel with fondness at the inexplicable joy and satisfaction of being one of us: Stan Whitaker, Frank Wyatt, Rick Kennell, David Rosenthal, Joe Bergamini, Kit Watkins, Michael Beck, Ron Riddle, Coco Roussel, Cliff Fortney and Dan Owen. And a hearty thanks goes out to David Bach and to Jonathan Mover, who both strolled in and out rather briefly – but never officially recorded or performed with the band.

THE CREW: Special thanks to our crew. These folks are so talented and dedicated, each in their own right. We love and respect all of you for your unwavering support, and endless devotion to the cause. Producers and Recording Engineers: Ken Scott, Ed Thacker, Abe Rittenhouse, Wayne Garber, Kit Watkins, Bill Plummer, Craig Boyce, Keith Shortreed, Larry Alexander and Eric Schilling; The "live" Sound Engineers: Wayne Garber, Ace Pace, Bill Plummer and Winn Krozack; The Road Managers: Ed Sclafani, Mike Brigante, David Knapp and Eric “Biff” Smith; The Stage Managers/Technicians: Kenny Bailey, Fred Brown, Jody Walker, Izzy Israelson, Chris Ebey, Jim Harcourt, Nick Whitelaw, Pat Kirkpatrick, Rob Kasparian, Jesse Lee Elle, Joe Ayers, Jerry Pratt, Stephen Rothermel and Mike Kianka; Lighting Multi-Media & Special Effects: Johnny “Chicago” Hornberger, Jeff Garringer, Charlie Thomas, Ed Kennestrick, Lloyd Halverson and Steve Meeks; Dancers: Nancy Jo Morrissey, Gail Breed, Kate Trammel, Tim Cox, Jim Oleson, Jamie Ayres and Steve Witt. Also a big shout out to our managers: Robert Steinum - also to Bobby Baker, Sam L'Hommedieu and Jack Boyle of Cellar Door Management. No special thanks would be complete without thanking Kathie Moore and More Music Group for her devotion in booking us - and to all the promoters who took a chance on us over the years.

PHOTOS, VIDEOS, FANSITES AND OTHER WONDERS: A special thanks to all of the photographers who have provided us with photos over the years: Johnny Hornberger, Paul Joslow, Geri Pizzi, Linda Kalloch, Dan Muro, Brian Tirpak, Frank White, John Krout, Jennifer Johnson, Kenneth Solomon, Dave Waldman and there have to be so many others. And to all the kind folks who presented us with photos after our shows, thanks to all of you. The photos have been shuffled around so long, we are not even sure who took which pictures! Also to Larry Aronson and Steve Durham for their video work and to Scott Eden, for his "Performances" site. To all our friends and fans who created the mulitple fansites, social media sites and blogs - thanks for all your kind support and efforts. And let's not forget Rob LaDuca and Chad Hutchinson of NEARfest for their part in engineering our reunion in 1999. A big thanks goes out to all of you - and if we missed anyone, we are truly sorry - drop us an email and we will see about adding you to this work in progress.