NEWS FLASH: After many years of being out of print "The Muse Awakens" is now available once again.

A hearty welcome to everything "HAPPY THE MAN." Please note that this site was designed and created by bassist Rick Kennell - and it originates purely and exclusively from Rick's perspective. I did my best to save a lot of stuff over the years, and pretty much all of it appears here. I tried to be as accurate as possible but admittedly, there was quite a bit of educated guessing involved - especially with respect to dates. I have spent a good amount of time recently, getting rid of most of the Flash and I am pleased to announce that the majority of the site will read fine on your iphones, ipads and other mobile devices. I am going to miss those way too cool navigation buttons, but I thought it was more important to make sure our fans could access the site on the go. If you would like to explore the Reunion Site, simply click on the white icon above - Frank did a really nice job on that site and I am sure you will enjoy your time there. I try and keep that site updated too, when news warrants it.

You may notice that the buttons directly to the left have the first names of the band members. Stan, Frank and Rick have been around as founders since the beginning and they were joined by Dave, Ron and Joe in recent years. The other talented members were in and out at various times in the early years - kudos go out to them for their intense contributions and for working so hard towards the common good. Most of the past and present members have been in touch and most of them have approved the information you see on each of their pages. Please check them out as they contain links and other interesting information about their current projects and activities.

qThe countless hours put in here are lovingly dedicated to our families, friends, fans and devoted followers. Even though the band has not been actively engaged for a number of years, it is our hope that catching up with us is as rewarding for you as building this site has been for me. Enjoy, and we hope to see you again soon!


THE FINE PRINT: We tend to spend a lot of time and energy saving and posting reviews and feature articles - either in whole or in part – which we feel are relevant to Happy the Man. This is strictly for the education and amusement of our guests, fans and devoted followers. We realize that many of these articles are copyrighted. A high percentage of these articles are very old, and we have no idea how to contact the good folks for permission - as in many cases they are out of business or we have simply lost track of them. We have retained the author, publisher and copyright information from the original articles when we have it - and when we can find it, which is rare - and we will display it here when it is available. Sometimes we receive timely and relevant info via email - and from other sources, with no credits - but we may find it pertinent and we may choose to put it up anyways. If you see any reviews, features or articles on this web site for which we don't have the complete and proper credits, and you DO have the complete and proper credits, please email us here and we will update the credits immediately. This will insure that the relevant parties get their due. It is certainly not our intention to disrespect anyone. It is our humble and we suppose slightly arrogant opinion that we are providing a service to these good folks by posting the articles, and ultimately, increasing their exposure and readership. If for any reason, you see something on this website that belongs to you or your organization’s authorship pool and you don’t like it or for whatever reason - you don’t want it posted here - please advise us by email here and we will gladly and immediately take down any such reviews, features or articles. Thanks for reading this and we hope that you will enjoy your time here. For inquiries about the website click here.