Composer, keyboardist, saxophonist, engineer and producer - co-founding member of Happy The Man - Frank Wyatt has worn many hats. From his Crafty Hands Studio he continues to produce innovative and fresh new music, and his company Wyatt Acoustics offers beautifully crafted speakers for discerning listeners.

"I am a serious listener. Music is the motivating, common denominator in my life. I write music, perform music, and build speakers to reproduce the music as accurately as I can. As a music major at James Madison University I had the good fortune to meet Stan Whitaker and became part of what would be a fantastic musical journey that has lasted nearly four decades. My work with Happy The Man has led me to explore many aspects of the music business, my favorite of which has become the recording studio. Crafty Hands became the name for my own recording space in 1999 and it continues to evolve as a fully functional recording environment. Tracking for A Certain Whisper, the Pedal Giant Animals project, overdubs for Happy The Man's "The Muse Awakens" and Oblivion Sun's debut CD were recorded at Crafty Hands."

"My recent compositions have been conceptualized for orchestra, and I am moving the studio into a configuration that will lend itself to soundtrack and film composition. Currently I am engineering and performing on the second Oblivion Sun CD and keeping my fingers crossed for another Happy The Man project!"

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