1978 Arista Records (Currently Out of Print in the United States)

1. Service With A Smile (Riddle/Hawks) 2:42
2. Morning Sun (Watkins) 4:05
3. Ibby It Is (Wyatt) 7:51
4. Steaming Pipes (Whitaker) 5:42
5. Wind Up Doll Day Wind (Watkins, Whitaker, Wyatt) 7:10
6. Open Book (Wyatt) 4:54
7. I Forgot To Push It (Watkins) 3:03
8. The Moon, I Sing (Nossuri) (Watkins) 6:16

Stanley Whitaker: Six and Twelve String Guitars, Vocals
Frank Wyatt: Pianos, harpsichord, Saxes, Flute, Words
Rick Kennell: Bass
Kit Watkins: Pianos, Harpsichord, Moog, Fake Strings, Clavinet, 33, recorder
Ron Riddle: Drums, percussion

Produced and Engineered by Ken Scott for KoMoS Productions at Chateau Recorders, North Hollywood, all titles arranged by Happy the Man.

All titles published by Legomyego Music, Inc. ASCAP, except "Service With A Smile" published by Thunderkat Music/Oversnare Publishing, ASCAP.

Ron Riddle appears courtesy of Thunderkat Music.

Special thanks to . . . Our road crew (Steven Meeks, Kenny Bailey, Wayne Garber, Eric Smith, Jody Walker), Coco Roussel, Ace Pace, and J. T.