1999 Wayside/Cunieform Records

1. Pt 1 (3:04)
2. Pt 2 (0:48)
3. Pt 3 (5:55)
4. Pt 4 (6:47)
5. Pt 5 (4:57)
6. Pt 6 (3:11)
7. Pt 7 (5:24)
8. Pt 8 (1:28)
9. Pt 9 (0:44)
10. Pt 10 (2:35)
11. Pt 11 (3:01)
12. New York Dreams Suite (Original Vocal Version) (8:45)
13. Merlin Of The High Places (7:10)

Stanley Whitaker: Electric guitars, vocals
Frank Wyatt: Keyboards, Alto Sax, Flute, Vocals
Rick Kennell: Bass
Kit Watkins: Multi-keyboards, vocals
Mike Beck: Drums, percussion
Dan Owen: Lead vocals, classical guitar, percussion, extra bass on track 13

Primary sound enhancement, digital editing and mastering by Kit Watkins.

Composed & performed in late 1974, Death's Crown was written as a collaborative work with dancers, actors, lighting and co-ordinated slide shows. It was realized as a multi-media event and staged at the Blackfriar Dinner Theatre, outside of their hometown of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The piece was performed several times, but was not a regular part of the repertoire - although the song "Open Book" later released on "Crafty Hands" - found its origins as part of this work. These rehearsal tapes of the band performing Death's Crown - the only known recordings of this epic piece - were uncovered in the late 1990's and this release marks the first time that any of this material has been heard.